Helping People Through Life...
Start with your WHY and end with your WHO
Helping People Through Life...
Start with your WHY and end with your WHO
Ben Benita Author, Speaker, Coach
7 Principles To Live Your Best Life Ever with Ben Benita
Learning 2 Swim...It's Time To Jump In!
Hi, I'm Ben

One year I’m worth millions !

I'm bringing in tens of thousands of dollars each month. Next thing I know I’m on food stamps and housing assistance!

Looking back I can say with 100% certainty my financial ruin happened for me, not "to" me. It helped me realize what truly matters in life, that sharing our journey and helping others is why we're all here. 

When I first heard my failures

 called “Learning Experiences” I thought:

“Whatever!!! I’m broke! I FAILED! What can I learn from this? That being broke is awful? That being worried about where your next meal is coming from is awful? That having your power cutoff is awful? Thanks for teaching me that!”

I believe the single most important thing to know is this:

Nothing changes if nothing changes, and it all starts with how you think! You simply need to think different!

When you are able to start seeing your challenges differently, when you start seeing them as opportunities for growth, your entire situation will take on a new meaning.



“Most people spend 90% of their time on the problem and only 10% of their time on the solution, reverse these, and watch how your life changes!” – Tony Robbins   
It’s literally just that simple, again, changing your thinking to focus more on the good and less on the bad. 
“How do I do that?”

Be grateful, how do you do that?

Your Who...knowing your "who" will change your paradigm

Nothing is more important when setting goals and trying to get back on your feet than knowing your “who”. Many times during your journey you are going to want to quit and give up. The road back from any challenge can be long, lonely, depressing, I know, I’ve been on that road. Read your answers to these three questions anytime you feel stressed, depressed, or wanting to crawl back in bed: WHO will benefit when I succeed? WHO will I let down if I choose not to succeed? WHO will benefit from watching my journey? Go for a walk, give your answers some real thought and consideration before you decide to quit and give up.


New personal best time, 6 hours, 28 minutes

Iron Man Miami, 70.3 miles, not bad for an old guy! If you want to learn what you are really made of, change your life and the lives of others, sign up for an Iron Man Race! 
The REAL Glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. THAT is real glory, that is the essence of it......Vince Lombardi
Motivate your team, group, organization or company to succeed no matter what industry!
Motivate your team, group, organization or company to succeed no matter what industry!
Motivate your team, group, organization or company to eliminate negative and prosper!
Motivate your team, group, organization or company to get to the next level of success!

Ben Benita | From Bankruptcy to Successful Coach and Real Estate Investor(Inspiring Interview)

Ben Benita currently lives in Gainesville, Virginia and has been active in real estate since 2003. He is currently a Partner in LB Multi-Family Capital. An investment company with a focus on Class B or C value add properties. He has been a featured guest on numerous podcasts and radio programs including “Ask The Experts” and “Real Estate Round-Up” heard on CBS Radio. Written a best selling short sale negotiations book currently available on Barnes and Noble: “Learning 2 Swim In The Short Sale Ocean” and coming soon “Learning 2 Swim When Everything You Own Is Underwater”. He leads a popular local Meetup with his Partner Ted Leigh that is held on the third Thursday of every month. 

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"Think and Grow Rich" the legacy movie

Think and Grow Rich, the best selling book by author Napoleon Hill that sold over 200 million copies worldwide, continues to be the manuscript that is used by a multitude of millionaires and billionaires. They have applied Hill’s 13 principles of success to attain their goals and lead a truly rich life.

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Years ago I had the chance to read one of the best business books of all-time, Jack Canfield's "The Success Principles". Imagine my excitement getting to spend a weekend with Jackin Santa Barbara and  interviewed by him about my upcoming book, "Learning 2 Swim When Everything You Own Is Underwater"

Learning 2 Swim...When Everything You Own Is Under Water

You have to trust in the process. Trust what you are going through right now is simply preparing you for better things to come. I believe this is the true essence of "having faith".

Learning 2 Swim, Bike & Run After Your Dreams...Life Lessons From Iron Man

There's something about pushing yourself beyond your limits that people need to do at least once in their lives, because once you do, you're never the same
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